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Nostalgia is the sentimental longing or wishful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. This is what inspired the NUSTALGIA EXHIBITION


Curated by A.W.



Hip Hop Collector NuFace

Vault Atlanta Gallery today is proud to announce it will host Nuface presents NUSTALGIA curated by AW The Artist,for a limited time with opening day on November 6, 2020.

NUSTALGIA aims to curate the history of one of the biggest genres in Music and serve as nostalgic interactive experience for the city of Atlanta and longtime supporters of Nuface founder,Larry Compton.Visitors will get a detailed journey back and a history course on Hip Hop and pop culture from Comics,Movies,Video Games and more.


“That man Nuface got a national archive of Hip Hop History!”- Kenny Burns Lifestyle Specialist/V103

“Nuface is not a hypebeast,he is like a watcher from Highlander.He is a historical curator of culture.”- Killer Mike 

The purpose of NUSTALGIA is to invigorate and celebrate Culture through intimate and visual storytelling through artistry and memorabilia. NUSTALGIA brings who Atlanta’s 11Alive News, proclaimed”Atlantas Official Hip Hop Hoarder’s #TalesOfAHipHopHoarder to life and we hope to create and inspire engaging conversation as we plan to host multiple recognizable Podcast brands and prompt visitors to have a greater sense of Appreciation long after they leave the exhibit and experience a bit of NUSTALGIA 

Behind the Gallery

A.W. (Andrew Williams)

Curator and Manager

Andrew is a young, innovative, self-taught digital artist with a creative purpose to increase the African American culture morale and to enhance the enjoyment and value of graphic art. Andrew found his niche in digital artistry when an inspiration of his complimented his hand painted canvas work by saying that the quality looked as if it was digitized and advised him to explore it. AW then explored the medium of graphic art and found it to be challenging at first but yet fulfilling experience while growing in his artistry.

AW also found  an interest in ways to connect the African culture to the culture and traditions of African Americans. He often illustrates portraits of urban people  and illuminate their eyes to create a startling effect to evoke a deeply rooted passionate emotion. He uses bold line work, ethic colors, and poetic graffiti to further express the strong emotions that he wishes to portray through the images and words.

AW debuted his curating skills with his first graphic group art show in Atlanta, GA in 2015 and since has been an invited artist in Miami's Art Basel with works shown at the Museo Vault Gallery, a featured photographer & creative artist in the magazine, Black Brides, and experience his first sold out solo show at the Bank OZK Arena.

AW and his long standing relationship with the Pyramid Gallery has awarded him the pleasure of selling over half of his body of work and became a donor to the foundation Cutwell for Kids! He continues to establish rapport with collectors and curators around the world which has enabled him to be repeatedly invited to participate in local art show & festivals and  become an annual featured artist in the well known Atlanta show, Articulate in the Mason Fine Art Gallery.


The Vault at Peachtree

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The Vault at Peachtree

140 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30303

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