Our Vaults

Our vaults are home to programs that support the community in the areas of


We are pleased to use our Vault to showcase a Virtual Gallery Walk Through. In an age of COVID-19 when we can't gather as much or going to an art show seems irresponsible. We wanted to bring the Vault Art Gallery right to your finger tips. We look forward to you engaging and having an one of a kind art experience. 

The Vault at Peachtree

Offers 4400 square feet on 3 floors plus a roof top

This historic vault transforms perfectly from a daytime luncheon to an evening star studded affair. Recommended for life’s exclusive gatherings, art exhibits, painting experiences, catered dinners or milestone celebrations.

The Vault At East Point

Offers 2500 square feet

Whether you are hosting an artistic gathering, a fun evening of music, poetry, or a  reception. Life’s special moments just became more precious at the Vault.